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Essential tips by Open House to kick-start your house sale

Everyone wants to receive the highest realistic valuation for their property and whilst there are some things you can’t change, the good news is, there are lots of things you can do to make sure your house sells for the best possible price.

A well presented house is so often the difference between the house that sits on the market for months and the house that sells almost immediately for the full price. Always remember your house is competing against other properties in the local area.

Follow our essential tips and you are bound to impress buyers and kick off with a flying start.

1.   Kerb appeal – 1st impressions count

Don’t focus all your efforts on the inside; remember that first impressions are created as prospective buyers approach the building.

  • Tidy the garden, make it looks well-kept and above all, cut the lawn
  • Remove any litter outside the property you are selling and clear the path to your door
  • Trim hedges, repair fences and remove any dead pot plants
  • Keep the front door clean and in good condition

2.   Clean your house from top to bottom, inside and out

  • Clean, then clean again. Make sure everywhere is spotless
  • If necessary consider deep cleaning or replacement of carpets and curtains, it’s well worth the money.
  • Eliminate bad odours such as cooking smell, smoking, damp,
  • keep it clean and tidy until sold

3.   De-clutter

Get rid of the clutter and your house will look bigger. It will feel to buyers like a tidy, well-ordered place to live – Just what they want!

  • Don’t stuff everything into cupboards
  • Move out spare furniture from the bedroom

4.   Create an appealing social environment 

It’s not always about de-cluttering; sometimes the opposite is required, installing new furniture to give prospective buyers an impression of how they would live in the property.

 5.   Define the use of each room

Make sure each room is kitted out for the purpose it is intended for – so bedrooms should look like bedrooms, not store rooms.

6.   Do basic repairs 

  • Go through each room and do any minor jobs you can see would improve the finish at little expense, such as touching up paintwork, filling cracks etc…
  • Reseal around the bath, sinks and shower and remove any mould.
  • Fix dripping taps, cracked panes of glass and peeling wallpaper

7.   Redecorate but depersonalise

  • Bright, neutral, clean and uncluttered properties are most appealing to the broadest range of prospective buyers.
  • Don’t redecorate one room splendidly and leave the rest looking tired.”
  • If the property is being sold for development or as a shell, there is no point tidying or painting.
  • Don’t overdo it Too colourful is bad – but so is too bland.

8.   Don’t over spend!

Remember every property has a ‘ceiling’ price according to its location, size and age. So spending £20,000 on a kitchen does not necessarily mean your property value will immediately increase by £20,000.

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